Kat discovers Alfie’s lie

Kat talks to the midwife about Tommy dying in Alfie’s arms. The midwife knows the truth and gently encourages her to talk to Alfie. Kat questions Alfie, but he won’t give her an answer. A guilty Charlie confesses to Kat that he left Tommy alone while he got drunk in the Vic. Kat is horrified and tells a devastated Charlie that he’s dead to her.

Jack suggests that Ronnie tries breastfeeding again, but she makes an excuse. Ronnie is wracked with guilt about stealing Kat’s baby. Roxy visits and finds Ronnie in a state. Roxy tries to reassure her sister. Ronnie comes close to telling Roxy the truth, but they are interrupted by the baby crying and the moment is lost.

Glenda wants Ian to buy her a new coat, but he refuses. Glenda tries to speak to Jane and a panicky Ian agrees to meet Glenda later. Glenda bumps into Phil and Shirley and sneaks a kiss with Phil while Shirley isn’t looking. Phil warns Glenda there will be trouble if Shirley catches her. Ben has seen Ian visiting Glenda and confronts her. Glenda guesses that Ben pushed her, not Peter. Phil stops Glenda from going to Max’s to wet the baby’s head. Seething, she calls the police…

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