Kat discovers Alfie’s secret

Kat and Alfie try to look to the future as they head to the council office, hoping to secure a council house. Their optimism soon turns to gloom when the council officer makes it clear that the waiting list for a council place in Walford is huge. When the officer reveals there are council houses available in Hull, Kat and Alfie have a decision to make. Their hunt for a home is soon pushed into the background when Kat finds out that Alfie burnt their house down…

Stan tries to get into the festive spirit, dressing up as Santa Claus for The Vic’s Christmas grotto with Shirley and Johnny as elves. Realising it’s going to be his last Christmas, Stan is determined to make things right with Cora, who agrees to continue their relationship.

Billy and Les are keen to cheer up Pam, who is upset after learning her son, Paul, won’t be coming home for Christmas. Also, Lauren’s horrified that Emma has taken her laptop and handed it to the police, while Linda is nervous on the day of her baby scan.