Kat drops a bombshell on Alfie!

Kat and Mo refuse to tell Stacey why there’s tension between them. Mo snaps when Kat asks Alfie to help her on the stall, prompting Kat to tell Mo to keep her nose out. When Kat invites Alfie to The Vic to talk, she unwittingly gets his hopes up of a reconciliation. At the Vic, Alfie apologises for his actions, prompting Kat to storm off to the toilets. Kat returns with full slap on, stunning Alfie when she confesses she wants a divorce!

Lauren tries to confide in Abi about her suspicions over Max, but Abi isn’t interested. When Lauren finds a bit of Lucy’s file in the bin, she rummages for more pieces. At the cafe, Stacey notices that Lauren seems upset and offers her support. Lauren later confesses to Stacey she’s afraid that Max killed Lucy.

Ben visits Max with a list of contacts looking to buy cars. When Max offers Ben some business off the books, Ben is suspicious. After advice from Charlie, Ben decides to take Max up on his offer. Max’s revenge plan is coming together…

Also, Aleks is concerned that Roxy will be left to bring up Ronnie’s baby.