Kat falls out with Stacey

Kat, Alfie and the family have spent the night sleeping on Dean’s floor. Alfie knows the pressure is on for him to find them a new home. Slapping on the warpaint, Kat returns to the stall. Things are looking up when Donna says they can stay in Terry’s flat rent-free for a month. To celebrate her return to the market, Kat buys Stacey a drink. Offended when Stacey clearly has a problem with Alfie, Kat yells at Stacey she’s not party of the family any more. Stacey finds comfort in Dean’s arms.

Sonia announces in the Vic that Pam has sold most of the calendars, raising a handsome amount for charity. Retreating to the toilets, Sonia breaks down. When Linda finds her she confesses she doesn’t think Martin still loves her. Sonia tears up the charity cheque and makes a call to book an appointment. What is she up to?

Emma has been put on desk duty while an inquiry for gross misconduct is carried out. Telling Max she wants to move in with him, a drunk Emma ends up arguing with Max and storms out. Pam comforts Emma, confessing she was forced to leave her previous job due to rumours she helped her terminally ill son end his life.