Kat feels uncomfortable around Patrick

Is Kat over-reacting?

Kat’s livid that Ash has asked his brother Patrick to move in without consulting her first. Kat puts on a welcoming act, but things become tense when Ash starts talking about their childhood. Patrick unleashes an angry outburst aimed at Ash and demands he stops talking about the past. Kat’s shocked and tells Ash it’s not healthy that Patrick’s living life under a new identity. Ash tells Kat to butt out but, the next morning, Patrick attacks Ash leaving them both concerned about Patrick’s mental health.

Also, Brody notices that someone has tampered with his drugs bag. Afterwards, Justin confronts his brother about taking cocaine and, although Brody denies it, Justin knows he’s lying. Justin tells his siblings about Brody’s drug addiction and demands that he stops and sacks Lena. Will Brody do as he’s told?