Kat gets a blast from the past!

Detective Dylan Carter says he’ll be heading up Charlotte’s murder case and tells Kat “it’s good to see her again…”. Later, Kat asks Dylan if he took the case to be near her, but he denies it and apologises for the way he treated her in their relationship.

Hannah tries to comfort Evelyn over Denny’s death, but Evelyn feels guilty for kissing Andy. When Hannah and Andy come face to face, Hannah gives him the cold shoulder and says she knows about his kiss with Evelyn…

When Kyle finds out Brax is alive, he is fuming that Ash didn’t tell him sooner. Meanwhile, after Ricky calms down, she tells Ash that she doesn’t want to see Brax, but just move on with her life.

Irene stuffs her leather jacket into the rubbish and is jumpy when Olivia approaches her. Irene soon puts her concerns to one side when Olivia tells her that Hunter has left town and the pair decide to break the news to Zac and Leah.