Kat gives birth to baby boys!

Kat realises the babies are really on their way, as Stacey is led away by prison officers. Full of excitement and nerves, Alfie and Mo bring Tommy and Lily to the hospital. After Alfie admits to Kat that he’s going to be struggling for money, their concerns are put aside as the first baby is born and has some trouble breathing. The danger over, Alfie and Kat are over the moon as the second baby is born and they have two bouncing baby boys.

Linda heads to court to support Mick and is stunned when he pleads guilty. Cora is also at the court and is shocked to see Rainie, realising her daughter is the prostitute in Mick’s case. After a tense confrontation, Rainie makes it clear she wants nothing to do with her mother. Smarting from the encounter, when Cora later witnesses Mick’s cosy family act, she announces his arrest to the Vic.

Meanwhile, Dean clocks that something is wrong when Linda gets back from court, following her up to the Vic flat to comfort her. Dean is hurt when Linda sends him packing. Back in the bar, Dean spots Lauren, who was obviously hoping to see him and buys her a drink. Also, Ian’s relieved when Mick reassures him he has nothing to worry about.