Kat gives in to Dylan

Leah gives Kat a piece of her mind for conducting a haphazard investigation that left Zac in prison. Later, Kat finally gives in and kisses Dylan and the pair end up sleeping together. Afterwards, Kat tells Dylan that no one can know about their night of passion, as she’ll be thrown off the case.

Leah notices something isn’t right and forces her husband to open up about his experience in prison. He admits he was stabbed in a fight and Leah is heartbroken, but his admission brings the pair together for a passionate kiss.

Maddy tries to get Matt to change his mind about dropping out of university, but he snaps at his girlfriend and makes a mystery phone call. He later confesses that there’s a sex tape of him and Charlotte – and a journalist wants to do a big exposure piece on it. It’s not long before Matt’s sex tape news reaches the police and he’s called in for questioning.