Kat goes to court

Kat is determined to put Novak behind bars

Kat goes against Robbo’s wishes and decides to testify against Novak in court. She asks to appear in court by a video link, hoping that by telling the police and jury everything, it will help put Novak in prison for good. Feeling tense, Robbo goes to a car park and erupts in an outburst of anger that is seen by Maggie and Ben. Can Robbo keep his secret for much longer?

Meanwhile, Tori tells Roo that she has a fractured vertebrae and arranges for her to have more tests. When the test results come back, Tori tells Roo she has two choices, spinal fusion surgery that could leave her paralysed or be in chronic pain for the rest of her life. What will Roo do?

Also, Raffy is concerned that she is making matters worse, by helping Ryder run away from Summer Bay. Against her instincts, Raffy steals the keys to a boat and gives them to Ryder. The pair rides off, but they are left terrified when they find a dead body…