Kat starts the healing process by buying an old car and fixing it up in honour of her brother. Ash sees the car and can’t help but get involved, restoring his dreams of becoming a mechanic. Later, Kat warns Kyle about getting involved with Charlotte.

Charlotte lies to Kyle and says she murdered a man who raped her and now Trystan is blackmailing her over it. But Kyle beats him up, making Charlotte’s life even worse. Trsytan pays her a visit after his beating and tells her that she has a week to get him information on Brax or he’ll go after Hunter.

Charlotte has a showdown with Matt, but Maddy defuses the situation. When Matt’s calmed down, Maddy asks him why he ever slept with Charlotte and he sheepishly reveals that he has feelings for her and wanted a distraction.

Oscar gets a university offer from Perth and assumes Maddy will follow him to study nursing there. When he tells Maddy his plan, she storms off – she’s insulted that he would assume she would want to attend Perth because he has an offer there.