Nate and Kat arrive to see Phoebe arranging flowers from a ‘Dylan Carter’. Kat freezes as they are from her abusive ex-boyfriend. When Nate comforts Kat, he feels guilty, as he still wants to be with Ricky. When Kat comes to visit Josh, Andy blows up, as he wants to know why Tank hasn’t been caught. Meanwhile, Ash receives an email from Brax who says Ricky should be allowed to move on.

Chris heads to the hospital with flowers, but Hannah isn’t impressed. Kyle visits Josh and when he sees the chemistry between Andy and Hannah, he asks any if anything is going on?

Charlotte and Matt get intimate, but afterwards Matt finds the blackmail money and she admits she’s being blackmailed. When Charlotte finally gives Trystan the money, he coldly tells her he now owns her.

Later, Kat leaves Nate stunned when she says they should move in together. He talks to Ricky and decides to come clean and ends things with Kat.