Michael agrees to leave Walford. He asks Kat to come with him, but she turns him down. Zainab starts a petition to get Kim’s caravan moved from the Square and she tricks Greg into moving the caravan with his crane. Kat is still inside the caravan and is terrified. Michael gets Kat out of the caravan and takes her to hospital for a check up. Michael reveals he left a note and money for her and the baby in the caravan and he’ll soon be on his way. Meanwhile, Alfie picks up the note and reads it…

Billy sneaks out of the Slaters after spending the night with Jean. Billy is in the cafe with Jay and Darren and confesses he slept wtih Jean. Billy is embarrassed and says he was hammered and she threw herself at him. Jean overhears and is wounded. Stacey tells Billy that he’s pathetic.

Carol meets up with Lewis. He apologises for not calling and claims he’s been away with work. Carol agrees to go to a hotel with him and tells Glenda she won’t be in work. Glenda reveals she saw Lewis removing a wedding ring when he arrived in the Square. Carol is furious when Lewis confesses he’s married and she slaps him.

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