Kat is suspicious of Stacey

Kat’s preparing for a visit from Mo and Charlie, but she’s suspicious of Stacey’s odd behaviour. Realising that Martin is not Arthur’s dad, Kat advises Stacey to tell the truth. Furious with Kat’s interference, Stacey tells her to back off. After Sister Judith turns up to collect a donation from Kat, however, Stacey has a change of heart, deciding to confess all to Martin…

Meanwhile, the man who has been following Stacey arrives in the Square on a mission to finally talk to her. When nerves get the better of him, he quickly leaves, but when he bumps into Stacey he blurts out his bombshell.

The Carters are still on edge after the shock events of New Year and one family member is forced to put the past behind them. Nancy’s dealing with a tricky situation of her own when Tamwar reveals he’s spoken to the Imam, but she’s having second thoughts.

Also, Alfie heads to the hospital after a call from his doctor. Meanwhile, Kush worries when Shabnam goes missing on the day of her hospital appointment but she turns up with news… She’s got a job in the pharmacy.