Kat is under pressure from her lover

Kat’s lover is getting insistent and sends her a fake flyer for an estate agent’s ‘viewing’ of the bedsit at 2pm. Despite calling her lover and demanding to be left alone, she gets another message that there’s something for her at the bedsit. A worried Kat arrives to find champagne and rose petals on the bed. She rubs out the message left on the mirror and angrily leaves, throwing away the key.

Meanwhile, Alfie has been encouraged by the Branning brothers to go to Germany to get some stock for a German Christmas market in the Square. Kat sees exactly what her lover is up to, convincing Alfie not to go because they’re too skint. Alfie later gets a ticket to Cologne along with 500 in cash from an anonymous benefactor. An unnerved Kat gets a message – ‘I’ve got you all to myself’.

Lauren is desperate when Joey won’t answer any of her calls. She worries that he’s just angry with her for letting her take the blame for the crash and considers owning up to the police. Tanya is anxious about Lauren telling the truth when the police turn up to question her. Lauren sticks to the story. She’s crushed when Joey later insists that he’s not interested in her.