As Ash and Brax prepare to drive back to the country to interrogate Dean, Kat is making things difficult as she drives past the Braxton house at all hours to check Brax doesn’t break his bail conditions. The next morning, Brax goes to the police station to sign under his bail conditions and Ricky distracts Kat so the pair can make a quick getaway.

Oscar and Maddy arrive back in Summer Bay. Roo is relieved to see Maddy and ecstatic when Maddy says she wants to re-start her chemotherapy. After seeing Hannah in the hospital, Oscar admits he may not have made the right choice to chase after Maddy. Hannah is desperate to leave hospital, so Andy pleads with Nate to discharge her.

Denny and Oscar are shocked when Andy brings Hannah home and tempers flare when its suggested that Andy moves in. Meanwhile, Kat reassures Nate that the police report indicates he wasn’t to blame for the accident.