Kat is left shocked

Kat makes a disturbing discovery

After finding the hidden cash and gun in the back of Robbo’s car, Ash is concerned for the safety of Kat and his unborn child. When Kat tells Robbo that she is meeting Ash for breakfast, Robbo plants a recording device in her car, and Robbo soon discovers that ‘breakfast’ was a cover as they are off to Novak’s safe house. When Ash and Kat arrive, Kat is distraught to discover that Robbo is Beckett Reid!

After being rejected by Mason, Jennifer lies to Hunter and claims that Mason hit on her! Mason tells Hunter what really happened and that Jennifer kissed him but he rejected her advances. Mason tracks Jennifer down and explains about Beth’s death. The pair agrees to put the incident behind them and Hunter tells Jennifer that he is happy to be a friend, if she ever needs anything.

Coco has become obsessed with saving the environment and reprimands both Alf and Irene for their damaging actions to Summer Bay. When both adults refuse to listen, Coco and Raffy decide to take their grievances to social media!