Kat is left stunned

Will Kat start to see Robbo for who he really is?

Kat meets up with Ash and is shocked when he shows her the gun and cash he found in his car. Ash then tells Kat that Robbo was planning to leave without saying a word, making her feel more uneasy. At the flat, Robbo notices that his laptop has been used, so he checks the security footage and sees that Ash has been in the flat. Robbo is left outraged when he sees Kat and Ash talking secretively. Is Ash next on Robbo’s hitlist?

Meanwhile, Quinn is livid when Roo suggests that Ryder stays in Summer Bay with her and Alf. Quinn believes that Roo is trying to say that she’s an unfit mother and storms off. She finds Ryder and tells him about Roo’s offer to let him stay in Summer Bay. Will Ryder stay or leave with his mum?

Also, Coco returns to Summer Bay after spending some time away with Diana. Coco is like a new teenager, she’s upbeat, confident and tells her parents she’s going off to meet Ryder and Raffy. At the Surf Club, Coco tells Ryder and Raffy that she and Diana got up to some mischief while she was away.. .