Kat is left torn

Kat's world is turned upside down

Kat is left shocked to her core, after discovering that Robbo is Beckett Reid – the man who was sent to kill her. Ash tries to convince her to go to the police, but Kat refuses as Robbo has changed since losing his memory. However, Kat decides to stay with Irene and Ash for the night and sends Robbo a text. Meanwhile, Robbo is on edge as he isn’t sure what Ash and Kat may have discovered…

Later, Ash tries to convince Kat to go to the police. Kat agrees, but on her way, she texts Robbo to meet her at the flat. Kat heads there and confronts him about his identity. When Robbo admits he has known about his identity for the last few weeks, Kat is distraught and tries to leave, but Robbo makes it clear, she isn’t going anywhere.

Coco is determined to save the environment of Summer Bay and with the help of Raffy and Ryder, leads a protest to “go green, keep it clean.” The adults in Summer Bay are stunned and Coco, Raffy and Ryder refuse to move from The Diner until the adults agree to make some environmentally friendly changes….