Alfie gets his test results back and is stunned to discover that he’s not sterile after all. Meanwhile, Kat is feeling unwell and tells Jean she needs to get to the hospital. Alfie tries to go with Kat, but she brushes him aside and asks Mo to go with her instead. Alfie follows Kat to the hospital. Kat comes out from seeing the doctor and reveals to a devastated Alfie that she’s lost the baby. Alfie tells Kat that they can try again, but Kat can’t deal with any more heartbreak.

Syed asks Zainab’s help to find Amira. Zainab is terrified when Syed reveals that he has no other option, but to talk to Qadim. Christian finds out that Syed is still planning to meet with Qadim and is angry. Yusef also learns of Syed’s plan and sees an opportunity for more stirring by offering to talk to Qadim. Yusef visits Qadim and tells him the situation but makes it clear he wants to double cross Syed.

Anthony helps Cora move into Dot’s. Cora has agreed to let Anthony have his pick of her belongings in return. Cora agrees to sell Anthony a pair of candlesticks for two hundred pounds. Cora gives Dot the money to cover the bills.