Kat makes a confession

Alfie pays a mate to pretend to be a marriage counsellor, hoping that if Kat’s told their marriage is fine it will resolve their problems. Kat puts on a show in front of Alfie, but when left alone with the ‘counsellor’ she confesses her marriage is all but over. Alfie’s mate hasn’t the heart to tell Alfie what Kat said.

Patrick decides to bin the letter implicating Phil in the car lot fire. When Phil threatens Patrick to get rid of Denise’s ‘murderer’ posters, Patrick changes his mind. Patrick gives Denise the letter and tells her to call the police. Denise decides to confront Phil first and pours out her resentment before heading to the police station and handing the confession letter to… Phil’s arch enemy DCI Marsden.

Carol and David are united in outrage when Bianca reveals that Ricky cheated on her with Mandy. Carol is hopeful that it’s the start of something more between her and David, but she’s deflated when she finds him flirting with Roxy in the Vic. David kisses Roxy, but he can’t get Carol out of his head and he walks out on Roxy.

Also, Syed’s horrified when Amira kisses him while they’re out, to warn Christian to stay away.