Kat pushes Alfie too far

Kat is desperate to get hold of Tommy’s post mortem. Ronnie is unnerved when Kat bursts into hers and wants to know why Ronnie’s baby is alive and hers is dead. Kat doesn’t think anyone understands her when Michael denies feeling anything for the baby. Alfie asks Kat if she wants him to leave Walford when she rails at him for trying to sympathise. Alfie packs a bag and leaves when Kat doesn’t disagree. Kat breaks down.

Ronnie tells Jack she wants Michael out of the house. Michael laughs it off, but is obviously hurt. Mo offers Michael a room to rent in her house. Michael tells Ronnie he’s upset his son has died and is angry at her lack of compassion. Michael later bumps into Roxy and takes her for a drink and they end up kissing.

Whitney wakes in the cold allotment shed and heads to the launderette to warm up. Dot gives Whitney tea and advises her to go back home. Whitney can’t bring herself to go back to the Butchers’. Whitney hangs around outside Janine’s. Janine ignores her as she walks in the front door. Janine opens the door a few seconds later and coolly lets Whitney come in.