Kat and Kim are determined to carry on having fun. Annoyed with Linda for throwing them out of the pub, they use Denise’s pub keys to let themselves in after hours. A horrified Linda finds Kat and Kim downstairs, calling social services on Kat. A furious Kat pushes Linda, who drops the phone.

Linda admits to Kat she wasn’t really going to say anything to social services. They’re interrupted by a terrified Kim, who popped out to the cash machine to pay Linda for the booze they’ve drunk, and was rattled by a text from Vincent. Locking the doors after Shirley comes in, the ladies have a heart-to-heart about motherhood. After calling it a night, Linda finds her phone, realising the call didn’t cut off. Kat is worried, but Linda promises she’ll call in the morning to explain.

The night has given all the women pause for thought. While Linda is finally able to look at her baby scan, Kat decides to send a text to Zoe. Meanwhile, in the Square, a man waits in a car. Making a call, he tells the listener he’s found her…

Also, Whitney tries to change Lee’s mind when he reveals he wants to rejoin the army.