Kat questions Charlotte

As Charlotte stands over Trystan’s body, she hears a car coming. She stops the driver, who happens to be Irene and asks for help. As Trystan is rushed to hospital, Kat questions Charlotte at the police station. Kat knows Charlotte is lying, but Charlotte keeps her cool and is released. Kyle picks Charlotte up from the station and demands the truth.

Phoebe tells Ash she’s worried that she hasn’t heard from Denny. Later, she asks John if Marilyn can track her down, as they are both travelling through Europe.

Matt notices something is wrong with Maddy and she reveals she has the same pains she experienced before she was diagnosed with cancer. Matt takes her to the hospital and Nate says she suffering from an iron defect. As Matt struggles with his feelings for Maddy, he turns to Roo, but the pair are unaware Oscar is listening in.

Nate tells Kat that Trystan has died. She breaks the news to Charlotte and is determined to prove that Trystan’s death was no accident.