Kat rages at Charlie

Kat stares at the baby in her arms as everyone watches on in stunned silence. Ronnie breaks down and says she’s sorry. Kat doesn’t realise the enormity of Ronnie’s declaration and shouts at Jack to take the baby. Dot comforts a distressed Ronnie. Later, Ronnie visits her dead son’s grave and tells him that she has to be Tommy’s mummy now…

Kat takes her anger out on Charlie and says she still resents her mum Viv for stealing her daughter from her. Charlie is devastated when Kat then blames Charlie for letting her baby die alone. Charlie pleads with Kat, but she is unrepentant. Charlie packs a suitcase and heads to the station. Alfie convinces Kat to go after her dad. Kat apologises and they reconcile. Charlie tells Kat he loves her, but he’s going to stay with Lynne.

Masood and Zainab are holding interviews for a waitressing job at the revamped Argee Bhargee. Tamwar spots Zuleka in the queue and pulls her aside. Zuleka teases Tamwar that his parents seem to be interviewing for a wife for him rather than a waitress! Tamwar furiously confronts Masood and Zainab, but they claim they are only trying to help him out.

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