Is Kat ready to be a mother?

Will Ash's desire to adopt Luc cause Kat to dump him?

Kat heads home to try and defend why she’s not thrilled to adopt Luc. Ash believes that Kat doesn’t care about Luc, but Kat says she needs time, as things are moving too fast. Kat feels even more overwhelmed when Leah thanks her for adopting Luc to protect her from Mick. Meanwhile, Ash tells Tori that things with Kat could be over if she’s not on board with the adoption…

Meanwhile, Ziggy’s family find themselves stuck in Summer Bay for the night after their car breaks down. Alf sees the family struggling and suggests they spend the night in Caravan Park and get the car fixed in the morning. The Astonis’ accept Alf’s offer, much to the annoyance of Ziggy and Coco. The girls decide to leave their parents in the caravan and go and get some food at Salt – but Coco worries about how they’re going pay as they have no money. When they arrive at Salt, however, Ziggy figures out a plan of how they can pay… and it involves Kat’s wallet!

Also, it’s clear that John isn’t coping with the news of his dad’s suicide. Marilyn tries to get John to open up but he lashes out. Determined to get John on the right path, Marilyn reaches out to a friend from John’s past.