Kat rescues a paraletic Shirley

When Kat finds a drunk Shirley in the Square she takes her back to the Vic. Alfie suggests Shirley works at the Vic to take her mind off things, but Kat points out that Phil should be paying Shirley’s way after all he’s put her through. Shirley strides over to Phil’s to demand what she’s owed. Finding Sharon with Phil she throws her out. Phil begs Shirley not to leave him but, staying strong, she walks out.

Jay works up the courage to leave the house to put flowers on his dad’s memorial on the anniversary of his death. When Whitney talks to Jay about Heather, he runs off. Abi is back from Costa Rica and can’t understand where Jay is and why Ben’s phone is off and no one will tell her anything. When Jay learns Abi is home he rushes to find her, but he’s too late… Max and Tanya have told her everything.

Sharon worries about the lies she’s spun to Dennis about how his dad died after Dennis reveals he was talking to Ian about his dad dying in a helicopter crash! Sharon decides to leave Walford to protect her son, but Dennis wants to stay.