Can Kat save her relationship?

Kat refuses to give up on Ash

Kat packs her bags and leaves Ash’s flat. However, now Kat has moved out, where will Raffy stay? Kat decides to drown her sorrows at Salt and confides in Scarlett about her break-up with Ash. After talking to Scarlett, Kat makes her way back to Ash’s flat – but will they be able to repair their relationship?

Justin arrives at the Pier to repair the engine on Scarlett’s boat. As Justin gets to work, the pair begins to flirt with each other. Scarlett playfully films Justin as he starts the engine and the pair decides to take the boat out. However, when it’s Scarlett’s turn to start the engine nothing happens. Justin leans in but accidentally knocks her phone into the water. Scarlett’s livid and throws a massive tantrum. Justin jumps in and finds the phone but is stunned by Scarlett’s overreaction. Why is Scarlett reacting so badly and can Justin fix the phone?

Tori’s shocked to find Ash at her front door. He’s looking for Justin in the hope of getting all his problems off his chest. As Justin isn’t home, Ash pours his heart out to Tori. Will the heart-to-heart session see Tori make a move on Ash?

Also, Alf still hasn’t heard from Roo and asks Marilyn when the pair last spoke. Marilyn explains she hasn’t spoken to Roo in weeks. Is Roo OK?