Kat saves the day!

Roxy is terrified when Jozef grabs her just as Kat bursts in. When Amy walks in, Kat makes light of the situation not wanting to scare her and Jozef does a runner. A grateful Roxy agrees when Kat suggests she help out behind the bar. The peace is only temporary, however, after Roxy offends Kat by suggesting that she’s hanging around to see Alfie. An upset Kat is grateful for a hug from Michael.

Janine’s struggling to cope alone with Scarlett. When Michael turns up at her house with some things for Scarlett, Janine lets him in. After soothing a crying Scarlett, Michael tells Janine it’s tough to be a single parent. Briefly softening, Janine returns to her usual hard self, asking Michael to leave. Later, Roxy hints to Janine that Michael is seeing Kat, which seems to be confirmed when she witnesses their hug.

Whitney arranges drinks at the Vic to celebrate Lauren’s new job. Lucy flirts with Joey to wind up Lauren. When Whitney sees Lauren at the bar alone, she asks Tyler to talk to her. Tyler is horrified when Lauren moves in for a kiss – as is Whitney! Lucy is smug when Whitney tells Lauren she’s had it with her and she’s on her own from now on.