EastEnders Spoilers: Can Kat and the Slaters get things back on track? The locals hate them!

Kat Moon is determined to get the Slaters back on top, Ted Murray and his daughter are at odds, and Louise Mitchell feels pressured by Hunter Owen.

Kat decides enough is enough with the family’s situation in the Square as the Slaters are still in the doghouse with all the neighbours. Realising how hard things have been for Stacey with all the recent trouble, Kat resolves to sort things out and get the family back on top. When Kat reaches out to Ian, however, he’s not interested in her attempt to offer an olive branch. Kat, for once, is starting to feel more than a little hopeless. The Slaters face more fury when they go to the pub but will Kat give up – and will anyone give them support?

Judith returns to Ted’s  house but things are still frosty between father and daughter. When Judith goes against Ted’s wishes for what Joyce should be buried in, there is another falling out between the pair. Bernie worries that Ted is being railroaded by Judith, and she tries to make Judith see sense. Will Bernadette manage to smooth things over between Judith and Ted?

Louise and Hunter take their relationship further. Louise is miserable when Hunter blanks her afterwards and won’t answer her messages. Confiding in Bex, Louise admits that Hunter is trying to push her into sleeping with him, but she doesn’t feel ready yet.