Kat is following Brody’s drug dealer Lena when she receives a message from Ash, but she’s too busy with work. Kat watches Lena meet Zannis in a deserted car park; unbeknown to Kat, Zannis tells Lena the police are following them and Brody is to blame. Is Brody in danger? Later, Kat risks her life and her relationship for her career. Will the gamble pay off?

Meanwhile, Brody is still staying with Scarlett but is a mess as he’s suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Scarlett tries to settle him, but things take a terrible turn when Brody starts hallucinating and seeing his mother in the room.

Tori rushes Roo into surgery. As Tori treats Roo in theatre, Alf starts to experience chest pains. Seeing Alf in pain, Nate rushes him into a treatment room, fearing he is experiencing a heart attack. Luckily, Alf is fine, but Roo has suffered a miscarriage. How will she take the heartbreaking news?