Just before Kat takes Zac to prison, Leah admits she doubted about his innocence, leaving him stunned. Meanwhile, Kat begins to doubt Zac is the murderer but, when she tells Dylan, he shuts her down. Later, Morag confronts Dylan about his involvement in the hearing and it’s clear the Bay’s newest cop is hiding something. Later, everyone in Summer Bay is left devastated about Zac’s bail refusal.

Skye checks in on Oscar and suggests they go out for pizza. Oscar is grateful for the gesture and jokes that it’s a date. Skye is excited for her ‘date’ with Oscar but, when she arrives, she finds him kissing another girl.

Matt is furious when Maddy reveals she has spent her share of the rent on a pair of designer shoes, but is convinced Roo will pay her share. However, she’s in for a nasty shock…

Irene tells Morag about her long-lost daughter and Morag says she may have a contact that can help. The next morning, a woman claiming to be Irene’s daughter turns up on her doorstep!