Alfie is chuffed with Michael’s loan. Kat coldly tells Alfie they need to pay back Michael as soon as possible. Alfie and Michael come up with a fake story about the Queen Mum sheltering in the Vic during a World War II air raid for a newspaper competition. Later, Kat tells Michael that their night together meant nothing and she wants him to leave Walford. Michael is taken aback until the penny drops – he’s the father of her baby!

Whitney offers to help plan Billie’s birthday party, but Carol wants to take control. Whitney, Mercy and Lauren discuss plans for a party despite Carol’s opposition. Bianca tells Carol that she needs to stop making Billie the most important thing in her life. Carol has food for thought and calls Lewis for a date.

Billy gets a mysterious letter from the police and brushes off Jay’s questions. Billy tells Phil the Child Abuse Team are investigating an old case of abuse that took place at his children’s home. Phil advises Billy to avoid digging up the past. Later, Billy is helping Jack at the club and he defends Jean’s honour when she’s hassled by a group of lads. Jean is grateful and they share a kiss.

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