Kat tries to rescue Whitney

Whitney is blocked by Bianca from leaving, as she picks up her case. Whitney devastates Bianca when she blames her for bringing Tony into her life then heads out of the house with Bianca shouting after her. Meanwhile, Kat, still unsettled by Alfie’s comment, is outside the Vic flirting outrageously with Carl. When she drags him into the alley for some passion, she’s hurt when he tells her she’s being tacky.

Seeing a fraught Bianca looking for Whitney, Kat offers to go after her. Successfully stopping Whitney from getting into a cab with a group of lads, Kat follows as Whitney goes into a pub with one of them. Kat tells Whitney that offering herself to anyone isn’t the answer, admitting that she was also abused as a kid by her uncle Harry and it’s coloured life ever since.

When Whitney insists she can’t open up to Bianca about Tony as she’s worried it will hurt her, Kat says it’s not too late. Kat tells Whitney that if she returns home she’ll be there for her. Bianca is relieved when Whitney and Kat return. When Kat gets rid of a pair of earrings given her by Harry, the ladies realise they can put their pasts behind them…