Kat visits Janine behind bars!

Stacey is stunned when Alfie explains that Kat is going ask Janine to retract her statement about Stacey stabbing her. Although initially dubious, Stacey decides that Kat’s plan may work after all, meaning she can return to Walford without looking over her shoulder. While Kat’s at the prison with Janine, Alfie takes the chance to ask Stacey to leave the Square for Kat’s sake. Stacey is seen sneaking out of the house by Lauren, Cora and Patrick.

At the prison, Janine tells Kat that she’s willing to let Stacey off the hook – but only if Stacey asks nicely in person. Kat realises that it would be a huge risk. Back in the Square, Kat panics when Alfie tells her Stacey has left. She’s relieved when she finds Stacey, filling her in on Janine’s demands. Surprisingly, Stacey agrees to do it.

Now out of a job following the end of Butcher’s Joints, Billy searches for more work so he can provide for his family. Feeling sorry for a miserable Billy, who has had no bites on the line, Peter asks Ian to help him out. Billy is chuffed to get some work, even if it’s not quite the position he was expecting!