Kat wants a word with Matt

Kat is scrolling through some photos and video footage of a crime scene and spots a familiar face. As Leah and Matt reconcile, they are interrupted by Kat, asking Matt to come to the station over the theft of an ATM in Mangrove River.

Maddy suggests that Matt accompanies her to chemotherapy so they can have a study session. But an oblivious Maddy is unaware that Evelyn’s meddling has made him think twice. So, Matt gets Oscar to find out if Maddy does have feelings for him. When Maddy says she likes hanging out with Matt, Oscar is left feeling jealous.

Maddy and Matt talk about their awkward encounter. When Matt explains it’s because Evelyn has been pushing for them to become a couple, Maddy is horrified and runs off. She bumps into Roo and explains that her friends see her as nothing more than a charity case.

Later, Matt bursts into Leah’s office ranting about Maddy. With a headache and Matt’s words getting jumbled up in her mind, she flies into a massive rage leaving him stunned!