Kat wants answers!

In an extra episode this week, Kat struggles to process what Sister Ruth has told her about her son. Confiding in Kim, Kat realises that she needs to confront Mo and Charlie. After blurting out that she knows the truth, Kat is stunned to realise that although Charlie knew nothing about the other baby, Mo was in on everything.

Stacey arrives at the church with baby Arthur, desperate to find a safe space. When she finds Dot in church, Dot tells her a bible story, which prompts Stacey to insist she needs to get Arthur baptised. After Dot brings the Reverend, a manic Stacey returns home. Terrified when Kat storms in to confront Charlie and Mo over her lost baby, Stacey’s even more fearful about Arthur. In the middle of all the commotion, Charlie has a heart attack…

Shabnam and Kush are devastated when Shabnam learns she has Asherman’s Syndrome, meaning it’s unlikely she could ever carry a baby to term. Returning to the Square, Shabnam is further upset when she’s not allowed to see Jade. Shabnam is grateful when Masood later encourages the Carters to let Jade come to theirs for dinner.

Also, Tamwar and Nancy take over The Vic kitchen for the day. Phil waits with Alfie while he has his scan.