Kat’s still worried about Patrick

Will Kat convince Ash that his brother needs help?

Kat finds Patrick meditating on the beach and he assures her that he’s working on his issues, but Kat isn’t sold. Once again, she tries to address Patrick’s problems with Ash, but he dismisses them. In fact, he tells Kat he wants them to move into Roo’s old flat, the Pier Apartment, so that they look like a settled couple to the custody mediator. Will Kat say yes?

Meanwhile, Justin’s still furious with Phoebe for accepting a year-long move to America without consulting him. Tori has a heart-to-heart with Justin in the hope she can convince him to go to the States with Phoebe. Later, Tori questions Justin on Brody’s drug use. Will Justin tell her the truth and has Brody given up his drug habit for good?

Finally, Ash, Irene, Leah and VJ sit down with a mediator to fight for custody of Luc and things turn ugly fast…