Donna has her first day at Saffron’s fashion studio. Saffron puts her on the spot demanding a new angle for a fashion show. Donna puts Kate forward as a potential model. Under duress, Kate agrees. When she turns up for the fashion show, Kate realises she’s going to have to squeeze her feet into high-heel shoes way too small for her. After the show her feet are shot and Donna offers to get her a cab home, until Saffron insists that she attend an after-party. She decides to put her career before her friend and leaves Kate waiting for a cab on her own!

Lyn’s devastated that she’s lost Susan’s friendship and Steph is furious her Mum would sink so low and write gossip on her best friend’s daughter. With no one else to turn to, Lyn approaches Susan and begs for her forgiveness. She needs Susan’s friendship more than anything and Susan gives in and tries to talk to Steph.

Elle tells Paul that she’s not taking the job in New York and has decided to stay with Lucas. Paul puts pressure on Lucas to convince Elle to follow her heart, to New York! Lucas decides to give Elle his support about going to New York and asks her to reconsider; maybe she should go to New York just for a week, to see what it’s like!

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