Arriving first at the cottage where Gem and Georgia are staying, Kate finds Georgia unconscious in a gas-filled room. She finally manages to revive Georgia just as Kyle arrives. Back home, Kyle showers Kate with praise for reviving Georgia – and the pair share a warm moment before guilty Kate pulls away. Assured by Chris and Mason that Georgia will have no choice but to forgive her, Kate’s devastated when Georgia reveals that their friendship is irretrievably broken.

When Mason learns Kate is on her way to rescue Georgia, he worries for his ex – leaving Imogen hurt. The next day, Lauren confesses to Lucy, revealing the tragic death of her baby at birth. Just before she leaves to go back to Singapore, Lucy advises Lauren to come clean to Brad.

Arriving home after a night in hospital with Georgia, Toadie learns Jacob has dumped baby Elliott on Sonya. Concerned, Karl warns him that the longer Elliott stays with them, the more attached Sonya will become.

Worried she may have caused issues between Lauren and Matt by bringing up the past, Terese is grateful when Brad offers to check if there’s anything troubling Lauren. Lauren insists everything is fine, but Terese questions Lucy, who covers for her.