Kate and Kyle rediscover their friendship

Overwhelmed by the discovery that she’s pregnant, Georgia wrestles with the decision to tell Kyle. When she witnesses him flirting with Kate, she decides she’s not ready to tell him. She explains to Susan that she feels she needs to come to terms with being pregnant and then she’ll be ready to deal with Kyle’s reaction.

Karl continues on the election campaign but he’s thrown when one of his voters says she’s refusing to vote for him on the grounds that if he becomes mayor, he won’t be available to support Susan if she has another MS relapse. He then discovers that there are many other voters who feel this way and Paul’s stunt a few weeks ago has had serious repercussions.

After Kyle shares another tense exchange with Georgia, he runs into Kate. He joins her for a jog and the pair rediscover their natural connection. Later, Georgia discovers them enjoying some hot tub flirtation.

Brad comes home to find Josh covered in body shimmer for a photoshoot. Josh promises to make up a training session later in the day. But when he doesn’t show up – in favour of spending the afternoon with Amber – a heated argument ensues between him and Brad.