Kate and Sophie continue to clash

Kate’s furious when she realises Sophie went into the city on her own to get her bass guitar. The sisters have a row in front of Noah, and Sophie storms off, telling Kate she stuffs everything up. Dishing out her punishment, Sophie’s horrified when Kate says she’s confiscating her bass.

However, having witnessed their row, Jade points out that Kate was very harsh, reminding her she’s Sophie’s sister, not her mum. When Kate finds Sophie practising her bass, they get into another row, with Sophie telling Kate she needs to get her own life and stop interfering in hers. Kate’s spurred on by Sophie’s outburst and tells Jade she needs a night out.

Paul’s keen to speak to Lucas about the development, but when he’s not there, Kyle’s more than happy to help Paul with his article. Jade and Toadie interrupt their meeting and Toadie’s relieved when Jade bigs up the development, pointing out all the positives about it – but Toadie knows he’s in for a hard time at the meeting.

However, Toadie’s boss tells him he won’t be heading the meeting, he wants him to sit among the crowds to find out what they really think – like a spy, but with more people at the meeting than expected, Peter tells Toadie he has to stand up. How will the neighbours react?