Kate and Sophie’s house is burgled

Lucas agrees to meet Billy at the garage and he tells him that Garland is offering Lucas a second chance to repay the money he lost him. When he explains to Lucas that he has to lose the race, Lucas refuses but Billy points out that this is serious business and he has no choice. Back at the house, Mark is concerned about Lucas’s connections with Billy. Later, Lucas calls Billy ands tells him to tell Garland he isn’t interested.

Kate and Sophie arrive home for lunch to find that the house has been trashed and when Lucas arrives shortly behind them he knows exactly who is responsible. To throw Mark off the scent, he tells Mark it’s an old gambling debt. Realising how serious the situation is, Lucas agrees to race and to lose to make sure Garland wins his money back.

Zeke knows about Sophie’s crush on him and confides in Declan who reassures him she’ll get over it. Following advice from Toadie, Zeke tries to put Sophie off by changing who he is but ends up embarrassing himself. Jade tells Zeke to be honest with Sophie and tell her straight. However, she doesn’t take it well and runs out of Charlie’s.

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