Kate and Declan surprise the teens when they show up at the Debutante Ball. Kate faces not only cruel Amanda but the terrifying thought of seeing Jason Coleman, the man who crushed her dancing dreams. When Amanda causes Kate’s dress to be ruined, it takes a pep talk from Declan to show Kate the way forward. With a little help from her friends, Kate proves to Jason Coleman she has what it takes to be a dancer.

With the guilt about her new cash reserves hanging over her head, Elle partners Lucas to the Debutante Ball. After Toadie encourages her to tell Lucas the truth about her money, Elle struggles to find the courage to tell him. And when she finds an ATM slip in his pocket showing he’s just withdrawn a large sum of cash, she is convinced he’s gambling again. When she finally confronts him, nervous Lucas shocks Elle with the truth behind his nerves.

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