Kate defends Declan

When Kate tells Sophie she doesn’t want to accept the plane tickets from Paul, Sophie isn’t happy and points out he is the only family they have left. When Sophie sees Declan in Harold’s, she asks him what’s going on between Kate and Paul. Declan tells Sophie to trust Kate and to be nice to her. Just as Kate is saying thank you to Declan, Mark arrives and tells Declan he has to come to the station.

When Declan refuses, Mark has no choice but to arrest him. At the station, following Declan’s questioning, Kate tells Mark’s he’s making a mistake and that Declan wouldn’t push Paul. Mark becomes suspicious when he sees Kate and Declan talking in Lassiter’s and returns to the station to go over Kate’s statement.

Andrew is looking forward to spending time with his dad over Christmas, but when he finds out from Declan that Paul has told Mark that Diana didn’t push him, Andrew is fed up of always being left out. Much to Tash’s delight, Andrew asks to spend Christmas with her and Michael.

With Christmas around the corner, Donna misses Ringo. Needing a distraction, she asks Declan if she can hang out with him. He tells her he’s too busy but sensing she really needs something to do, he puts her in charge of the Christmas party at Harold’s.

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