Kate gets a touch of the green-eyed monster

Now that Sophie has made her home with Paul, Kate wonders what’s keeping her in Ramsay Street, especially when Jade and Kyle have been keeping their distance from her. Jade notices Kate’s isolation and invites her to join the Boot Camp she’s running for singles. However, when she sees how happy Kyle and Jade are together, her jealousy is piqued – and Kate unexpectedly finds herself unable to get Kyle out of her mind.

Since refusing to apologise for the rebellious behaviour that got her kicked out of Erinsborough High, Sophie prepares for her first day at Eden Hills Girls’ Grammar. After missing the bus, Sophie’s day goes from bad to worse until she spots her chance to prove herself on the soccer field. However, she’s surprised when the other girls are far better than her and she feels like a small fish in a big pond. Callum urges her to suck it up and apologise whether she means it or not.

In need of extra business, Jade gets the idea to create a match-making boot camp. Jade ropes in Kyle to play up their own romance to help inspire potential clients and convinces Lucas, Chris and Aidan to participate. Despite a few hurdles, Jade successfully sells the idea of love and fitness to her clients, bringing her and Kyle closer together than ever.