Sophie shows Declan a letter from the National Basketball Academy and confesses that she applied on Harry’s behalf, knowing he’d never apply himself because attending would mean moving to Sydney and leaving his sisters. But Harry’s been chosen to try out today and it’s the chance of a lifetime for any budding basketball star. Declan promises to help her. To Kate’s relief Harry is pleased, but not entirely convinced he is a good enough player to get in.

Paul approaches Toadie and offers him a job as his legal counsel. However, Toadie is all too aware of Paul’s lack of ethics and declines, telling him they are morally incompatible. When Paul waves a cheque for a large sum in Toadie’s face, he can’t hide his sudden interest.

Lyn gives Steph a cheque and tells Steph that the wedding is on her. But Steph is not happy about Lyn’s offer and says she can’t accept.

After a conversation with Sonya about the job with Paul, Toadie believes he can take the job without sacrificing his morals. He tells Paul he accepts and announces to Steph and Lyn that he is paying for the wedding. But how will they feel when they find out that Toadie is working for Paul Robinson?

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