Kate Humble: My Sheepdog and Me

Kate Humble is on a mission to protect her dog's breed...

Kate Humble’s gorgeous canine companion Teg is a Welsh sheepdog, a breed of herding dog that has been brought back from the brink of extinction in recent decades.

In this one-off documentary, which was previously shown on BBC Wales, Kate wants Teg to help ensure her breed survives for generations to come by having a litter of puppies.

But first, Kate needs to find out if Teg is a true Welsh sheepdog, so has to trace her family tree à la Who Do You Think You Are?

Then, it’s time for some speed-dating as Kate introduces Teg to a handsome trio of potential ‘boyfriends’ – Will, Ben and Tango. And, after Teg makes it clear who’s tickled her fancy, the patter of tiny paws quickly follows…