Kate is Anita’s mother!

Jem offers to go to Manchester with Anita for support. They are surprised to find Kate, Ravi’s love interest working in the same place they’ve been sent. Kate insists she knows nothing about Anita’s real mother Eva. But when somebody calls Eva’s name, it’s obvious that Kate is Eva!

Nancy takes Steph to see the cancer specialist, as Gilly wonders why she’s not at work and is surprised to see Jem back in Hollyoaks. Meanwhile, Steph receives a prognosis and makes Nancy promise not to say anything. She acts like there’s nothing wrong but Gilly can tell something’s up. Steph later confronts Nancy about what she might have said to Gilly. But Tom overhears and tells Jack and Frankie.

Rae locks Darren out the flat to try and get time alone with Newt, she wants to make them a romantic meal but it turns to disaster when the curtains catch fire. Determined not to give in, Rae tries to prove she’s over the curse, by taking Newt up onto the archway.

Also; Darren feels like Newt and Rae have taken over his flat. Frankie decides to try and put a good word in for him with Jack and Darren agrees to meet them both at The Dog.

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