Alone in the Bistro, Kate and Rana kiss passionately. Having heard a noise in the kitchen, Kate and Rana hide under a table and watch as a dark figure appears and empties the till. As the thief makes to leave, Kate smacks them over the head with a bottle

Robert tries to justify his actions to Michelle saying he was scared about the operation and he wouldn’t blame her if she left him. She says that they are in this together and when no one is looking she breaks the card machine and says everyone has to pay by cash. Later, she deliberately inputs inflated figures on the till.

Sinead throws a beauty products party. When Liz quizzes Sinead about her wedding plans, Sinead’s evasive and Tracy senses her reluctance to get married.

Fiz and Tyrone row over Ruby’s behaviour as Fiz’s favouritism starts to grate on Tyrone.