Kate shows Mark she’s serious

Donna arrives at Kate’s in a bid to cheer her up over the dramas with Mark and Declan. Lucas is about to leave when he makes a comment about punching Declan during their boxing training yesterday. Kate realises what Declan is up to and goes straight round to confront him.

He tells her he wants to be more than friends and it’s hard for him seeing her with Mark. Her next stop is the Police Station to see Mark. He accepts her apology but he isn’t prepared to give her a second chance. However, with Donna’s encouragement, Kate returns to the station and kisses Mark!

It’s Summer’s first day back at school following Steph’s trial and it’s clear she is struggling. Later, when Summer arrives home from school, there is a new DVD player at the house but Summer is angry when she realises it’s from Tash as she was the only person who knew hers had broken. She tells her she doesn’t want her pity or charity.

Michael’s suspicions are raised when he sees Tash with the DVD player. He questions her as to where she got the money from and demands the truth. She admits she took the School Social money so it would be cancelled, because if it went ahead, Andrew and Summer would have got together. She did it for Andrew because she loves him.

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